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            Is My House Haunted is This Paranormal Activity?????


This question has popped up in just about every house I have lived in as a kid. My mother always thought the house was full of ghosts. Or at least my great grand-mother hanging around to help and guide her. She swears that at least one of our childhood homes was haunted. In fact she believes the past 2 houses she has lived in was haunted. The strange thing is the house I experienced paranormal activity is the only place she doesn’t have stories about. I will be investigating her house in the near future.

What Else Could it Be….

How do you know if your house is haunted? Is it a strange feeling in certain spots of your home? The feeling of being watched? Or have you seen or heard something you can’t explain? In my opinion there are more environmental reasons for what is thought as haunting’s than actual haunting’s. People usually think there house is haunted shortly after moving in. What most people aren’t thinking about is that changes in temp. can make a house squeak and creak. Different materials expand and contract at different rates. Natural or man made magnetic fields can effect people in different ways. I just think before you deem your house as haunted have someone check it out.

                                                                                                                                                       Different Types of Haunting’s                         

There are many different types of haunting’s and paranormal activity. There are residual haunting’s. They are like a video playing over and over again. No intelligent being. Another type would be poltergeist. This is when objects move by themselves. Like cabinet doors opening and closing and chairs being pulled out. the current believe is that poltergeist are caused by the living. Build up and pent up energy manifesting in the physical world. Then there is the one that is mostly experienced and documented. The haunting of what was once a living person. The person for whatever reason just will not cross over to the other realm. Just as there are good people and mean, evil people, there are the same in the spirit world.

The Type of Haunting that is the most Feared and Controversial

Demonic Haunting’s

There is one other type of haunting that I have not yet mentioned. That is what some will call demonic. Since I do not believe in god I have a hard time believing in demons. Like I have mentioned earlier there are mean predatory people in this world that have done some horrendous things there has to be spirits the same way. If spirits were once living beings than not only nice people become ghosts.

Why Do Spirits Stay Here and Not Move On????

What causes spirits to stay here? I truly do not know for sure. All I can tell you is my theories and what others believe. One of the most widely excepted theories is there was a traumatic death. The person died unexpectedly or through some act of trauma. Another theory is that the person has some sort of unfinished business. In any case I believe the common thread is that there was great emotion involved. There are instances of ghosts or spirits giving warning to the living. Trying to tell the living that they are in danger. Other cases are because a spirit is attached to an object. I don’t know if it is the object itself or the object in the environment. The environment the object is in stimulates the spirit activity. The last thing that I can think of is when the environment is changed. When someone renovates a house that pisses off the spirits that are there. The question is, was the spirit there the whole time, or did it come back from another realm.

My Theories on Ghosts and Spirits

I believe in the conservation of energy. That energy is never lost just changes form. Think about it this way. Thoughts are electrical impulses in the brain. That energy in death could linger. For a lack of a better term the soul of a person. The essence of a person has to be more than just impulses in the brain. Like I said before I do not believe in god nor do I believe in a higher power. I do believe in life after death. I just don’t believe you go to a heaven or a hell. Some of this I think is proven by the way haunting’s can be stopped. It is by what the home owners beliefs are. Native American shaman are powerful in the spirit realm and are not religious. They just believe in it and in what they are doing. So does a priest when they came and bless your house. I think that is the key. It is the belief that what you are doing is going to work. Your level of belief has to be more than the spirits.

What are Your Beliefs ????

What do you think ghosts are? Do you believe in them and the spirit world? Tell me about your experience and your beliefs.

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