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How this all started


One of earliest memories is of me lying in bed. My door was open and there was light from the living room shining down the hall. The light was dim but bright enough to see. This creature, I don’t know what it was, it walked past my door. While walking past it looked in on me and I had this feeling of terror but for some reason felt like I couldn’t tell my parents. Looking back it kind reminds me of a dwarf from Lord of the Rings but evil.

Ghost Stories

As a child I was told the house we lived in was haunted and my mother used to tell us stories about the ghost in the attic. This ghost also on one occasion gave my older sister some pennies. She would hear noises in the attic and when she went up everything would be torn out. After this had happened several times she spread flour out all over the floor. That night the noises came from the attic and the next morning when mom went up to look there was no foot prints the flour wasn’t disturbed. Everything was torn out all over the entire attic.

Ghosts aren’t real….only demons

As I grew up my mother made me and my sisters go to church. In the church you are taught that there are no ghosts. The only spirits that roam the earth are demons. Gods fallen angels. For years I believed this. As I got older my views changed. I believe that there are ghosts and I also feel that some of it is physical manifestations of the living mind.

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