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Paranormal Hot Spots

The old cemetery on Miller Church Road in Hagerstown Maryland is a known paranormal hot spot. The tombstones are from the 17th century and very old. The cemetery sits along the side of the road where it turns to one lane. I used to go there when I was younger and heard some of the stories. We called it Piece Chapel. There was an old church burnt out and half falling down. It only had three walls and a partial roof.

Urban Legends/Myths

Urban legend has it that in the 1930’s the church was taken over by devil worshipers that performed human sacrifice on little girls. As the story goes the church eventually burnt down and was vacated. It stood like that for many years. One day a young couple went to the cemetery to look around and check it out. When the couple went to leave their car wouldn’t start. The guy left to get help and when he returned he found his girlfriend hanging by her neck in the old oak tree located in the cemetery. She committed suicide. It is said that her spirit still roams the cemetery to this day.

Try to Debunk the Stories

Sometimes it difficult to separate legend from the facts. Part of the investigation is to see if we can separate fact from fiction and debunk the stories. During this particular investigation the stories of the lady dressed in white could easily be addressed by the lights in the trees. They shine down on old dead trees with the bark stripped off of them near the bottom. From a certain angle on the road you don’t see the lights, only the light color under the bark reflecting the light. The tree is about the same girth as a person and could be mistaken. I didn’t know there were lights even up. They are solar and are rather dim. The lights weren’t there the last time I was. In addition, I couldn’t find anything to back up any of the stories of devil worshipers or a suicide.


The Ghost Hunt…

On April 27th, 2018 my son and I went on an investigation at the Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery. During the investigation I really didn’t get any bad feelings or felt in danger at any time. Only during one EVP session did my hair stand up on end. We did capture some orbs above the grave stones and one EVP of a name. The actual EVP is the highlighted one in the previous sentence. If you can plug in some headphones and turn down any background noise. The voice comes through as a whisper right after I ask if it has a name and I sniffle. 

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