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Are Ghosts Real?????

This is a question I have been asking myself since childhood. The experience I had as a child is still fresh in my mind nearly 40 years later. I know what I saw and I can’t explain it. The first apartment my wife and I had I truly believe it was haunted and so does she. Our daughters were young and there was a huge hallway we used as a play room. That hallway gave everyone in the house the creeps.

The Hallway

They hallway wasn’t particularly dark or anything it just gave you an unsettling feeling.We bought the girls a Disney Princess Kitchen one year. This thing would go off all night long for no good reason. “Snow White just loves baked bread”, would come out of the darkness while we would sit in the living room just a few feet away watching TV.

I was on second shift at the time and one night I got home and was eating dinner and watching TV. The kitchen starting going off again. It was 1 o’clock in the morning or so and everyone was in bed. I went out got a screw driver and took the batteries out of this kitchen. About this time my wife wakes up and comes out asking me what I was doing. She was passing me in the hallway on her way to the bathroom.

I was finished taking the batteries out by the time she was finished, she came in and sat down with me for a few minutes. “Cinderella loves fresh muffins” comes out of the hallway. She looked at me with this look of disbelief that was probably the same one in my eyes. I jumped up and took that thing out on the back balcony and threw it away.

As of Right Now There is No Scientific Proof….

There are many that would argue that there is no real scientific proof. As of right now we know that gravity exists but we can’t explain it. We don’t understand how it works. Recently with the discovery of dark matter and it’s effects on the universe raises more questions about what we truly understand. There are also theories about other universes like string theory. This is more of a multiverse than a parallel universe. When they touch does it caus

e a portal?

Natural Causes for Paranormal Experiences

The experiments with electromagnetic waves and infra sound inducing feelings of a presence or causing fatigue and mood swings are interesting. Also the correlation of electromagnetic fields and ghosts are well documented. Most paranormal investigators do not test for infra sound.


Infra Sound and Paranormal Activity

Experiments with infra sound has shown that exposure causes mood swings, disorientation,One of the most common effects is annoyance. This could explain how investigators and people get the feelings of anger and frustration. I’m not saying this is the cause of all of it but it may be able to explain some cases. Natural causes of infra sound are wind, storms, and earthquakes. The man made kind is more than likely what is causing the issues. ( Journal of Sound and Vibration (I 978) 58(4), 483-500)

The Effects of Electromagnetic Waves

There has been some interesting research using electromagnetic waves that may have implications in the realm of the paranormal. The Koren Helmet or “god helmet”   passes electromagnetic field through the brain causing what can be described as a religious experience. You have the feeling that you are in the presence of a higher power. Some people experience dead relatives and ghosts. The magnetic field that passes through the brain is picked up by the natural electrical impulses of the brain. The interaction between the two is what is causing the feelings and visions. (The God Helmet Todd Murphy, 2015)

Black Holes New Research

We all know about black holes. They were predicted by Einstein and and are proven to exist. In fact there are billions of them in the universe at the center of most galaxies. Recently scientist have been able to create black holes at the subatomic level. Not with immense gravity but with lasers and electromagnetic fields. The scientist used lasers to knock electrons off of atoms. After a few where knocked off a strange thing started happening. The electrons started collapsing in and  disappeared into a miniature black hole. Black holes, as predicted by Einstein, can be connected to each other and create a wormhole. In theory wormholes could lead to anywhere in the universe or multiverse

Electromagnetic Fields

These fields occur naturally in nature. Storms, lightning, and earthquakes all have been known to generate electromagnetic fields. Some believe that this is the cause for some of the things that have happened in the Bermuda triangle. Can these forces combined with other natural phenomena be creating small black holes to alternative universes.

The Mandela Effect

I know some of the things with false memories and alternative universes covered in this topic blow my mind. I remember Mandela dying a free man. My wife watched a TV program that had the prison and cell that Mandela died in. Is it really that a certain part of the population remembers one thing and another group remembers something else? Or do we all exist in different universes simultaneously?

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